Our karate program is based on our students attending class twice a week. This allows for muscle development and recovery, while keeping the techniques fresh in your mind.

Take a look at our schedule:

Our schedule is based on attending 2 days a week. We run our lessons so that Monday and Tuesday are both “A” days, and Wednesday and Thursday are both “B” days. You choose one A day and one B day that you will be able to attend most often.

Most of our members come on either a Monday/Wednesday schedule, or a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Saturdays are available as a make up in case you miss a class during the week, or it can be used as the second class in a week. We have several students that come one weekday and then also attend on Saturday.

We also have the ability to be flexible! If you are sick one day, or if you have an appointment, or something comes – up you can come to class a different day. Or if you need to switch days when sports seasons change, we can accommodate you.